The inexhaustible solar energy

inexhaustible solar energy

The sun is a star that has been offering solar energy to the earth since the last 4 billion years. The amount of solar energy that is received by the earth is incredible. The amount of solar energy received by earth in one minute is equivalent to its requirement of a year. All the fossil fuels that are currently present in the earth can give the amount of energy equivalent to the solar energy that is received by the earth in just 3 days. These figures are hard to believe but this is absolutely true. This article is all about the inexhaustible solar energy.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible and renewable kind of energy that has been exploited since long time by human beings making use of a number of tools and technologies. Out of all the accessible renewable source of energies, solar energy is the most accessible one on the earth. Only a small fraction of the total energy available is used for different purposes. The sun is a constant source of energy that will be with us everytime. Unlike fossil fuels that release carcinogens, green house gases, carbon-dioxide and other poisonous gases in atmosphere, solar cells do not release any of these venomous gases in the air. Thus it is environmentally friendly that does not pollute the air.

Using the solar energy, electrical energy can be generated that completely depends upon the photovoltaic cells and heat engines. There is a wide range of applications of solar energy. Some of the major applications include space cooling and heating through its architecture, solar cooking, and potable water by distillation and disinfection, day lightning, hot water and the high temperature process heat for a number of industrial uses. The simplest method of extracting the solar energy is the implementation of solar panels.

Solar energy is less expensive as compared to other sources of electricity. There is a start up cost but after that it does not require any more investments for the production of electricity. When break even point is reached, everything right after that is profit. A {number of solar panel systems are available. Some of them can be expensive and some can be very cheap. This means that everyone has the entry point to get into solar panels.