April  2016


To whom it may concern:

Back in February I called BSW Roofing & Solar to come out and look at my roof as it needed repairs. I spoke to Jerry Ennis “Project Manager” about my roof and that I was also looking at solar again. Jerry asked if he could bring along Michelle Meier director of Solar Solutions. I said yes I would like to speak to her also. When they arrived my roof was inspected at no charge, I was told that my roof would need repair, and the part that would have solar on it needed to be replaced, but suggested that I do the whole roof at one time. I agreed. While here Michelle went over their solar program, what it would cost and what I needed. After looking at the whole project I decided to go ahead with the project. Why? Both Jerry and Michelle were so professional in the way they presented themselves. They were the only ones that recommended a new roof. The others did not say anything about my roof needing to be replaced. I know that it did because I had other roofing companies look at my roof and tell me it needed to be replaced. I am so glad that I had one company “BSW” do the whole project. The service that I received from the company was unbelievable, from all the labors that worked on my roof to the labors that did my solar, kept me informed at all points of construction, even the electrician that did my new electrical panel. I could not be more pleased with the construction of my new roof and solar, and what BSW did for me. Even the clean up was unbelievable as it was done every evening. I would recommend BSW Roofing & Solar to anyone looking to get a new roof or solar!

Oh, Yes! I am saving now on my electrical bill.



Terry Palmer