October 2016


I just wanted to take a few minutes to comment on how pleased we are with the job and the staff that made it possible. First of all, you need a lead contact person and that was Evan Juline. He not only provided the estimate, but found places for us to view the types of roofing material and color to assist in our making a decision. When the team arrived on time, and worked with precision in each phase of the operation: removal of the old shakes, installing the aspenite sub laymen, applying the barrier material, and finally the actual roofing, the end product was an exceptional roof. I was amazed that it was all done in three days and all looked great.


Evan followed up after the crews had left to check on any outstanding issues we might have. He ensured the gutters were vacuumed and all nails and wood chips were removed. He just now left and pointed out the platform for any A/C work was still on roof. He is going to have it picked up and hauled away


All these words add up to a very GOOD job and pleased customer. Feel free to use us for any reference you might need.
Thank again,


Les Robison