August 2015


Luis Cervantes was the project manager on the work for my house and when it was completed, he asked if I would write a review. I have had BSW do roofing projects for me in the past as have many of my friends we have been pleased with the work the work and feel strongly that you get what you pay for. BSW’s estimates for the jobs are always more than the competitors but again if the work is done on time and as promised it is worth the additional money for peace of mind.


I found a leak in my roof of the garage that had been leaking for quite a few years (I though the water was coming in from the garden area for several years.) I called BSW on March 7, 2016 and was told someone would call me back to arrange an appointment. I received a call from Luis on March 8th to meet on March 9th. Luis was right on time a very nice man who took several pictures of the roof and told me he would E-mail me the estimate and if I accept the estimate, he will arrange for temporary.fix until the work could be done. He explained the work that would be done and assured me they would check wood where the leak was found and if needed, that would be replaced. He stated he would E-Mail the proposal the next day and would call me when he sent it as I do not get into my e-mail every day I called Luis on March 10th at 4:10pm as I had not received the email and rain was expected the next day. He stated he had not had time to do the proposal yet and that, if I signed the proposal completed tomorrow he would personally do the temporary fix. I called him again the next day around 10 am as it was raining he stated he was  working on it at 1:30 I received the e-mail and called Luis back as I was unable to enlarge the proposal and did not know how to get the signature back to him. Luis was kind enough to bring a copy to my house for me to sign at 5:30pm which I did and at that time he made a temporary fix did very little.


Workers arrived and began work on March 16th. They were very nice and worked very hard. I asked if the wood, where the leak was, needed to be replaced but they would check with someone to be sure. Work was completed on March 22, 2016 and Luis came by with the invoice and I gave him a check for the total amount. He stated he would send me pictures of the work as I had not been able to view the roof work personally. I have not received the pictures but more of a concern is the person I hired to repair the boards inside the garage states the boards on the roof should have been replaced and he is really surprised BSW did not see the need. He is going to do what he can to stabilize it from inside the garage.


All in all I am happy with the overall job hoping that what I was promised with the improvements you made really will improve the life of my roof.



Liane Strong