January 2015

Dear Evan Juline: BSW Roofing & Solar

Thank you so much with the help on our most recent project – the replacement of the roof on our Covey rental house. This project was a little complicated, as we had deal with insurance adjusters and agents, since the roof replacement was due to damage from the December storm. We sincerely appreciate your patience, the extra phone calls made to various insurance folks with State Farm, and the end result – nice looking roof. It is an old house, and I’m sure the project wasn’t easy. Thanks for all the time and work you put into the project.

We enjoyed working with you last summer on the replacement of a roof on a different rental house, as well. That job was quick and efficient, certainty easier for all.

We’ll be sure to refer friends to you in the future and call if we have anymore roofing needs. (Hate to say it – I’m praying we won’t need any new roofs for a while!) Take care, and thanks again.


January 2015

To Whom It May It Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the people involved in my recent dealings with BSW Roofing. I had a new air conditioning unit installed and was in need of some roof repair around the unit. We contacted Jerry Ennis for an estimate after being recommended by one of the men working on my air conditioning install. I found Jerry to be Very helpful and accommodating. He gave what I thought was a fair price for my reroof. An install date was arranged for March 16th. Two installers arrived on the 16th at the scheduled time. The crew supervisor had the name Juan on his shirt but said everybody calls him David. David and the other worker started right in and were done amazingly quickly. They removed an existing ladder and stand from the roof and put down new comp shingles. Afterwards they cleaned up much better than other workers we have had in the past.

Please extend our sincere appreciation to all BSW employees involved in our reroof. Be assured I will recommend BSW Roofing & Solar to everyone I know.

Thank you again.