April 2014


The service was excellent all around. Evan Juline was our rep. and he’s a great guy with more than 20 years experience. Questions came up as the work went along and we had no trouble moving through them with ease. We were well informed and the workers were all friendly folks. BSW did a very nice job of keeping things clean and making sure there were no safety issues. The new roofs looks amazing, BSW even took the time to spray paint the vents so it won’t show the ugly rust in the future. We used the HERO Program for the roof replacement but I paid out-of-pocket for the Fascia Boards with installation.


I’m sure we could have found a way to get our roof replaced cheaper but I prefer to put the work in capable hands and not have to worry about it. BSW Roofing & Solar is a very capable company, I would use them again.



Jeremy Contrera