February  2014


BSW Roofing & Solar

Thank you for the re-roof job. Looks great, your guys did an amazing job. I am very pleased with the looks and the time it took to get it done. I was worried about the rain but they had it water proof before the rain had hit by mid day.


Once again thank you,

Kevin Wilkinson
(Warehouse Manager)

February   2014

Hi Jerry,

I just went into BSW’s website and couldn’t figure out where to add my comment. I read quite a few testimonials. You can add ours if you like. We are very happy with our roof and the workers who came out to do this great job. Our first experience with BSW was meeting with you and to figure out what was needed the cost etc. Right when we got a really good feeling because you seemed like a great trustworthy kind of guy. It made the decision to go with BSW Roofing & Solar easy. I would highly recommend your company o anyone who is willing to listen. The work was done by experienced hard working employees. Clean up after each job was impressive too. Thank you so much and we may call you about a painter in the future.

Mardi and Hank Hinse