December 2014

I decided to get a new roof for many reasons, but I went with BSW for one big reason “Reputation”. BSW has been around for a really long time and has good ratings on many sites, including the BBB and Angie’s list. Evan, the gentleman I had more interaction with was patient and informative. He gladly explained their very specifically detailed process and the tile choices and options, including potential limitations based on the original construction of my roof. BSW took care of the permits and preliminary inspections to assure me that the product I chose can be installed without worries. They even let me take a couple of tiles home to see how they went. This helped me see the perfect choice for my needs. When they called and asked are you ready for the new roof? I was more than excited. The process took several days, but it went smoothly, each step just as Evan had explained it. They took the old shingles off by rolling them up in the old backing, making large shingle rolls, which was much faster and cleaner than other methods I’ve seen. The next step was to cover the roof in plywood, this went really fast too. Then the next steps were a sort of felt or fabric insulation. Then the tiles arrived. The tile installation phase took the longest because these guys are artists-precision workers! Every day, at the end of the workday a team of guys came to the house and scoured the premises clean, nails, screws, staples, bits of roof tile, wood, and metal shavings. Anything the workers dropped or threw down got picked up the same day then leaf blowers were used to tidy any saw dust. My yard ended up cleaner than when they started. Bonus! At the end of the job, Evan reviewed the estimate originally given, and calculated that the job cost less than they estimated, which they promptly credited to my account, plus the included a $1,000 credit due to my initial contact with them at the Home & Garden show. My new roof makes my house quieter, safer, more insulated and much better looking than the old shake roof I had before. I am confident BSW Roofing & Solar was the best choice for my new roof.

Nancy Payton