Protecting the Environment

Protecting the Environment

For a long time, we have been getting our energy from fossil fuels, therefore damaging the atmosphere. once they are used to generate electricity, they release polluting gasses into the atmosphere, that lead to global warming. As time goes by, these fossil fuels won’t be available any longer (thus becoming more and more expensive), since they’re expected to run out in following century; thus going green needs to be the alternative for sustaining our energy demands.

These renewable energies like solar, biomass, hydro-electric, geothermal and water energy can play a vital part in diminishing the impact on the atmosphere. As far as solar power is concerned, as long as the sun is shining, individuals will be able to collect energy through solar panels. this can be an eco friendly, non-polluting method of harnessing energy, which may be done passively, without the aid of auxiliary fuels.

In terms of noise pollution, there’s no such issue when it comes to solar panels, unlike in the case of power plants and other sources of energy, even wind turbines.

Pollution goes hand in hand with the use of fossil fuels, because they unleash carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, Mercury and sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere, which contains a negative impact on people’s health, water and farming. producing solar energy by using solar panels doesn’t provide off carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions. moreover, the method of converting coal into electricity produces discarded solid waste, spillages of toxins and lots of dust, whereas the solar system minimizes the amount of waste production.

When it comes to remote or rural areas (but not only there), little dry cell batteries are used as a source of energy for appliances like portable radios and flashlights. disposing of such batteries has devastating effects on soil and water, thus using a solar power system decreases the chance of contamination.

One of the ways of getting coal is stripping a large area of vegetation. It will cause flooding if done on mountains and has caused loss of property in some areas. Moreover, because the demand for energy is continuously increasing as the world evolves, man will ought to build more power plants; however, if fossil fuels are to be replaced with energy from the sun, the need to make power plants are going to be reduced (and even eliminated, in time).

The benefits of using solar power rather than fossil fuels far outweigh the disadvantages, and using such technology can help world to not contribute to acid rain, global warming and smog anymore.