Sunset Ave Ocean Wave Roof Style

If you are established in one business or endeavor for as many years as we have been in the roofing trade now going over 70 years. Every while you come upon an intriguing and one of the most creative of these projects are often very challenging roofing systems that stick out in our memories. I shall start with a very special project a one of a kind, the 198x Sunset Ave “Ocean Wave” roof design product.

In The Bakersfield Californian news article. Dated from (1980.s)
Ocean Wave ripples in Kern
by Joe D. Stevenson

Fort Tejon Historical Park Preservation Project

Fort Tejon State Historic Park is on Interstate 5, near the town of Lebec, about 36 miles south of Bakersfield, CA and 77 miles north of Los Angeles.

Fort Tejon in California is a former United States Army outpost which was intermittently active from June 24, 1854, until September 11, 1864. It is located in the Grapevine Canyon between the San Emigdio Mountains and Tehachapi Mountains. It is in the area of Tejon Pass along Interstate 5, the main route through the mountain ranges separating the Central Valley from the Los Angeles Basin and Southern California. The fort’s location protected the San Joaquin Valley from the south and west.

Fox Theater Historical rejuvenation project

The historic Fox Theater in Bakersfield, CA is the only one remaining with the classic Charles P. Skouras’ “Style” still intact. His lavish Art Deco & Spanish Colonial styles, with its glitzy gold leaf plumbs, their remarkable swirls reaching up to the starlit indigo sky of the main auditorium. The main floor and balcony can seat 1,500 people.

The Bakersfield Sign, History & Restoration – 1999-2000

In the early 1930’s, Ernest Montoya, Sr., founder of BSW Roofing Contractors, Inc., worked as a laborer on the construction of the “Bakersfield Inn”. The “Bakersfield Inn” was destroyed by fire in the 1960’s and BSW Roofing Contractors, Inc. was hired to refurbish the damaged landmark.

When the famous “Bakersfield Inn Sign” was finally moved from Union Avenue (Hwy. 99) to its new location on Buck Owens Boulevard in 2000, BSW Roofing was there to install the new roofs of the two towers from which the restored “New Bakersfield Sign” is suspended.

To the new home, next to Buck Owens Chrystal Palace Museum & Theatre, the restored Bakersfield Sign has a new life. This landmark began in front of the Bakersfield Inn at Union Avenue in early 1950. BSW Roofing Contractors installed new tile on the two new towers in July 1999. Here are some photos of the restoration in progress.

The Howell House

Located in “Pioneer Village”, at The Kern County Museum, Bakersfield, CA

Historic restoration of the Howell House located in “Pioneer Village”, at the Kern County Museum. In June 1985 BSW Roofing & Solar Contractors began work on restoring the house with a new roof the goal is to have the house to its original decor of 1918 this includes painting the exterior and remodeling the interior to its former appearance.

Architect A.B. Chase designed this Victorian house.

In 1891, William Howell hired a local carpenter to construct this Queen Anne style Victorian home on the northeast corner of 17th and H Streets in Bakersfield. The Bakersfield Californian newspaper donated this house to the Kern County museum in 1968. The Howell family contributed the foundation for the house at its new site on the museum grounds.

Valley Baptist Church

Valley Baptist Church, 800 Fruitvale Ave, & Hageman Rd.

Bakersfield, CA 93308

The Triangle Building

Commercial roof project California Ave,

Bakersfield, CA

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