How Much Money Are You Wasting By Not Going Solar?

Solar Money System?

You’re most likely sick of hearing about the solar energy revolution by now. It’s the buzzword on everyone lips, and it’s only becoming much more well-known with the introduction of some of the 1st solar storage systems in current months.
The truth is, the factors to go off the grid are becoming harder and harder to ignore, particularly as electrical energy bills sky rocket and fossil fuel industries are starting to suffer. Solar power is no longer just an environmental choice, but a wise financial one. How much can you actually save by going green, and is it really worth it? The answer is easy – definitely.
For example, more than 1.4 million houses in Australia already have solar panels installed on their roof – one of the highest rates of household solar in the world – a number growing by the day. Solar hasn’t completely taken over though – there are still around 6 million houses just waiting to draw in the clean green energy (and) from home solar panels.
Solar is an investment. So, it’s important to know if it’s right for your situation. In saying that, the technology is becoming more cost-effective by the day with the help of industry development, competition and government subsidies.
How Do I Know If Solar Is Right For Me?
Your solar energy savings will depend on:
• Location
• Feed-in tariff rate
• System size
• Your roof
Some factors can considerably contribute to your energy bill, generating solar a particularly great answer to reduce electrical energy costs and add value to your home. Houses with swimming pools, air conditioning, heating, non-LED lights and with a large number of electronics and appliances are all susceptible to some serious bill shock.
An Energy Made Easy study found that households can use something between 15 and 33 kilowatt hours of energy every day, making the move to a solar method that can cover 8 hours of that a seriously economical move.
How Much Can I Save With Solar?
The short answer to this questions is that it actually depends on the list of factors listed earlier. The one constant truth is that you’ll save money – it’s just a matter of how much!
Endless research have revealed information on solar energy savings. An infographic released by Cost of Solar revealed that savings over the course of a solar method investment ranged from US $20,960 in Texas to US $64,769 in Hawaii for a 20 year savings program.