A Quick Study of the Different Types
Of Roofing Systems

Let us take a few moments to discuss the various types of roofs and their aspects. Start with the type of roof you have now.
Do you wish to make a change in the type of roof you have?

For accuracy in color selection and color matching, it is recommended that you see actual product samples. BSW will be happy to help in the color selection for your roof project. Many samples can be handled and viewed in our showroom.

Fire Rating System

Any number of sources, including chimney sparks, a brush fire or airborne brands ejected from a nearby building, can ignite a roof covered with a flammable material. Fire resistance, therefore, is an important safety consideration and the reason why many local building codes as well as the Federal Housing Administration require that roofing materials conform to certain standards in this respect.

The most widely accepted standards for fire resistance in building materials are those of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. This non-profit organization founded in 1894 devotes to testing and to establishing of fire safety standards.

The 3 tests that determine roofing materials resistance to: 1.) to intermittent flame, 2.) Flame spread and 3.) ignition from burning brands.
To earn the appropriate UL Class A, Class B, or Class C, rating the roof material must not, at any time during or after each of the tests:

Class "A": The highest fire-resistance rating for roofing as per ASTM E-108. Indicates roofing is able to withstand severe exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

Class "B": Fire-resistance rating that indicates roofing materials are able to withstand moderate exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

Class "C": Fire-resistance rating that indicates roofing materials are able to withstand light exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building.

Wind Resistance test
Underwriters Labortories also tests asphalt roofing shingles for performance in high winds. In this test shingles are applied to a roof deck according to the manufacturer's specifications, sealed under controlled conditions and subjected to a 63-mile-per-hour wind for two (2) hours. To be eligible for a UL wind-resistant rating, not a single tab must lift during the entire two hours.


As of 1994 the State Fire Marshall of California has declared all shakes installed must carry a Class 'C' fire rating or better.

Shingles, Composition

Celotex Fiber Glass Asphalt Shingles

If you are looking for durability, value and good looks consider Celotex shingles equipped with a 20 year limited warranty and UL Class 'A' Fire and Wind Resistant strips to bond shingle to shingle. Suited for a wide range of uses, from single-family homes to commercial and institutional buildings.
Available in a variety of decorator colors: Polar White, Bark Brown, Desert Wood, Shadow Black, Mist Green, Weathered Gray, Golden Brown, Wood Tone, Heritage Gray to just mention a few choices.

Also Presidential Shake, Dimensional 25/30/40 year.

GS “Gen-Star” High Sierra, Heavy Weight Laminated Shingles

Available Colors: Cypresswood, Driftwood (Pacific), Ebonywood, Oakwood. If you like the look of wood, you’ll love the rich, textured surface of High Sierra. Assuring may years of lasting beauty and surface protection, High Sierra carries a 40 years limited warranty.
Made in America.

Pabco Roofing Products, Durable Fiberglass Shingles

Available Colors: Bark Brown 20/25, Black 20/25, Bronzed Brown 25, Cinnamon Frost 25, Evergreen 25, Grey Frost 20/25, Maple Red 25, Mint Frost 25, Slatestone 20/25, Star White 20/25, Tan Shadow 20, Timber Blend 20/25,
(Note: “20/25” equals Twenty and Twenty-five year shingle warranty.) Features shingles of a durable, fire-resistant fiberglass mat base for dimensional stability; weatherproof asphalt coating and embedded ceramic-coated granules that resist weathering. Self-sealing strip, activated by the sun’s heat, provides additional wind protection. Type 1 and are UL wind resistant and Class ‘A’ fire rated.


American Cemwood Corporation, Fiber Cement Roofing Squares

Styles: Cemwood Shake, color Umber
Pacific Slate, color Green
PERMATEK II, color Tanflash
Frieste Tile, color Terracotta

Eagle & Eaglelite Roofing Products “American made”

Style: Malibu
Colors: Arrowhead Grey, Terracotta Gold, Catalina, Flintridge, Granada, Montrose, Walnut Brown, Valencia, Sonora Vista.

Style: Capistrano
Colors: Terra-cotta Gold, Granada, Valencia, El Rancho Red, Sunrise Blend, Alhambra.

Style: Ponderosa
Colors: Oakwood, Arcadia, Charcoal, New Cedar, Redwood, Weathered Red.

Style: Double Eagle Bel Air
Colors: Flintridge, Corona Red, Sunrise Blend, Arroyo Tan, Garnet Brown, Slate Blend, Glacier Blue, Slate Green (Flashed or No Flash)

Style: Double Eagle Ponderosa
with the Shake Blend & Charcoal Blend

LIFETILE Fire-Safe concrete roof tile

Styles: Country Slate series, is a smooth surfaced tile with randomly cut, textured butts.
And Country Shingle series, characterized by its rough, brushed surface texture. Designed to the appearance of rustic wood shingles, with bevelled edges.
Colors: Sherwood Green, Ascot Red, Astor Blue, Cedar Tan, Chestnut Brown, Cordovan Brown, Taupe, Alabaster Grey, Highland Gray, Tudor Gray, also available in three factory-blends, Straford Blend, Coventry Blend, Yorkshire Blend.

Cal-Shake Fire Proof (light weight cement and fiber based shakes)

Style: Regal with 1 color Weathered Cedar.
Style: Classic 4 colors: Charcoal Grey, Natural Cedar, Golden Cedar, and Aged Cedar.
Style: Cal-Slate in 4 colors: Canterbury Wine, Nottingham Green, Windsor Grey, and Dover Sand.
All three products are made using inorganic blend of natural ingredients, they contain no wood or asbestos. Made in California.
Class ‘A’ Fire rated.

Clay Tile

UStile Authentic Clay Roofing Tile

Contemporary (one piece profile) & Traditional styles (two-piece profile). From solid colors to variegated accents and hues of almond and ivory to deep reds and browns. When coupled with various installation techniques, including random boosting the possibilities are endless. Class ‘A’ Fire rated.

Built-Up Roofs ..... More Photos

dibitenUSA roofing systems

Dibiten modified bitumen membrane couples the time proven reliability of asphalt using plasticizers for flexibility and longer life and bonded to a polyester fabric for strength.
Smooth surface or Granular finish with slate flakes or mineral granular surface. This product has been used worldwide for more than 22 years. Used for Homes, Patios, Carports, Garages, Commercial - Factories, Schools, Decks and more.

Rock Surface Roofs

Pabco manufactures mineral-surfaced roll roofing, asphalt felt paper and other specialty roofing products.

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