Roofing Checklist

Questions To Ask Roofing Contractors
This is a checklist that you should discuss with perspective contractors.
These questions are your guidelines to be used to select a quality roofing contractor.
Be sure to check references!

Do you have a valid contractors license to perform roofing? May I see it?

Are you bonded and fully insured? Will you have your insurance carriers send me proof of insurance? How many years of roofing experience do you have? How long has your business been in existence under the same name? Where is your business located?
In our present Location for 30 years at: #4 "P" Street, Showroom and Material Yard, corner of Brundage Lane and "P" Street, Bakersfield, California.

Do you have references in my area? YES. See the Feedback Page on this site.

Do you have experience installing the product I am interested in? YES.

Do you obtain all required building permits? YES.

Are all Inspections carried out by Building Departments inspectors? Yes.
Depending where you live the Kern County or City Building Department will conduct all inspections, and checked again by BSW's supervisory staff.

Do you include all permit costs in your contract price? YES.

Will you provide a detailed written contract of the proposed work involved? YES.

What is the length of your "workmanship" warranty?  5 Years. Ask about BSW's "Craftsmanship Warranty".
Will my roof installation meet or exceed the manufacturers minimum requirements?  YES.

BSW always exceeds the manufactures requirements.



Do you use only high quality, (number one grade, no seconds) roofing materials?  YES.

Is the job site cleaned on a daily basis? YES.

Before any payments are made, will you furnish Material and Labor Releases?  YES.

These guidelines are important for selecting the right roofing contractor.

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